Monday, October 2, 2023

This Regenerative Candle Creates a New Candle as it Melts

The regenerative candle is a special kind of candle with a unique design. It is placed over an empty container, and as the candle melts, the melted wax drips through holes on the top, filling the container below. The container below has a shape like a candle, so the melted wax cools and becomes a new candle that can be lit again.

There is a wick in the middle of the regenerative candle container, so once it solidifies, it’s ready to be lit again. The candle comes with different base options, such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum, or porcelain.

The idea for the regenerative candle was created by Benjamin Shine, but it’s not available for sale yet. When the candle takes its new shape, you can easily open the container and take out the newly formed candle to use it again. It’s a sustainable and fascinating design for a candle.

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