Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Islamabad’s Bhara Kahu Bypass to Open for Public in 2 Months

The multi-billion dollar Bhara Kahu Bypass has 90% of its elevated portion, culverts, underpasses, bridge, and interchange finished, indicating that it may open in the next eight weeks.

The top slab of just one of the seven culverts, Shahdara, is now being worked on. Of the five underpasses, Kiani’s top slab and half of the interchange’s top slab still need to be finished. The nullah bridge will also be finished once the girders and slab have been installed.

According to the official maps, the raised segment of the bridge has 244 completed piles, 21 completed pile caps, 25 completed piers, and 3 completed transoms have been completed.

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