Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Italy To Start Trial of World’s first Ev-charging Motorway

According to the news, Italy is all set to test of world’s first Ev-charging Highway in its north-part. Through this technology, the electric vehicles passing on the highway will get charged automatically.

Reportedly, an Israeli company “Electreon”, is doing this work, constructing a 1-kilometer-long electric vehicle-charging highway, starting from Milan to Brescia in Italy. They are installing copper coils under the asphalt, and through the process of magnetic induction, energy will be directly and wirelessly transported to the vehicle’s batteries while driving.

Electreon is working in collaboration with 10 other Italian companies to carry out this test. Out of them ‘Brebemi’ is the most important one, who manages the toll road. The goal of the co-pilot is to see how the technology will fare on toll roads. Brebemi is footing the bill for the pilot project while Electreon will supply the wireless electric road system. “Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer,” as the technology is called, will be tested on different types of electric vehicles in both stationary and dynamic environments.

Though the trial in Italy will not be the first example of an electric vehicle-charging road but it is the first trial of the technology to involve a motorway and will help determine if the technology is ready for widespread adoption. Said the reports.

“The Arena of the Future project will show how a toll road can be transformed into a charging asset for all road users,” said Oren Ezer, CEO of Electreon.

“With Europe at the forefront of this electric mobility shift, there is a critical need for assets that can be supported by suitable, efficient, and sustainable charging methodologies. Electron’s wireless charging technology enables vehicles to charge as they drive at any speed on electric highways, offers road users total convenience and increased affordability, equips governments and policymakers with a sustainable way to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout the entire life cycle of electric vehicles (EVs) and offers a viable path to expedite achieving net carbon emissions throughout the entire transportation sector. “ He further added.

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