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Okasha Smart’ Pakistan’s leading smart home automation brand

Okasha Smart, a Lahore-based company is successfully running its operations as a Home Automation Brand in Pakistan. Okasha Smart initially started as a Startup in 2019, but now with its exponential growth, it has become a full-fledged blown-out company and since then it is serving as the largest home automation in the country.

The Smart products of the company include Alexa skills, Google, and the products that are compatible with SIRI. The latest and advanced technology items have been introduced by the brand that makes life more comfortable than ever before!

Okasha Smart has its own App that remotely controls the electric equipment at home from anywhere and everywhere. The consumer can have easy access to control the fans, lights, LEDs, and other items just by using a single app or remote.

It is the only organization that has its own application for controlling devices; however, no other company has it in Pakistan.

Okasha is providing its services in residential, commercial, industrial as well as hospitality sectors. It also has a wide smart product range that includes, smart LED bulbs, switch controllers, gang series, smart IR, retina cameras, power extensions, universal wall sockets, and much more.

The services for smart home automated products are offered nationwide by the brand. Initially, this platform gained popularity among the ones who wanted to move forward with the pace of technology. However, the packages for the smart product services are also offered that are available in different price ranges.

According to the official member of Okasha, “Okasha smart provides simple smart solution devices for everyday life by using a system of Internet of Things (IoT).”

However, according to the sources, the company provides effective as well as efficient smart solution devices to its customers in order to make their living experience better and easy.

The competitive advantage of Okasha Smart is that they are the leading home automation company yet the competition in the markets of Pakistan is high.

Pakistan is moving forward in order to match with the fast pace of technology in every sector; however, Okasha Smart is also playing its role to bring innovation to the country by proceeding with its latest automated technology.

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