Sunday, October 1, 2023

IZOC Solutions Introduces its Innovative Approach to the UAE

The online market in the UAE is booming at the moment and growing at an exponential rate. Taking this into careful consideration, IZOC Solutions has spread its reach to the UAE to help online businesses tap into this market and experience success and growth like never before. This step in itself speaks volumes in terms of the rapidly escalating success of IZOC in numerous fields of business. From providing digital marketing solutions to ensuring the provision of high quality authentic goods in various genres.

Their ability to consistently exceed expectations has made them a true trailblazer in the business industry and the online market of UAE should expect nothing less.


Join IZOC Solutions in the UAE as we embark on an exciting chapter. We believe in nurturing hidden talent and providing opportunities for success. Experience our drive to be the best and let us unlock unrivaled success together. Welcome to the journey of growth and unparalleled services.

Best Regards, Shoaib A Khan (RTD)

Air Commodore SI (M), TI (M)


We welcome you to join hands with IZOC Solutions as we challenge conventional thinking and embrace untapped potential. By fostering a collaborative environment, we aim to create winners rather than just select winners from the crowd. Together, let’s embark on a transformational journey and build a future where everyone can thrive.

Welcome to the IZOC family! Warm Regards,

Saad Sohail Khan

Chief Executive Officer


In 2008, the Chairman of the company foresaw a global economic shift and envisioned exporting IT-enabled services to developed nations. With the CEO and other founding members on board, they embarked on forming the country’s largest e-commerce service provider. Despite setbacks, their strong will and vision kept them afloat.Today, IZOC Solutions, with a strength of 300+ employees, has evolved from being an eCommerce service provider to an integrated player across international trade, IT Infrastructure, eCommerce, and digital marketing services.

At IZOC Solutions, we believe in going beyond fulfilling the needs of our customers; we strive to enhance their lives by aligning our brands with their aspirations. Our products and services are meticulously crafted to add exceptional value, empowering our customers to realize their dreams and reach new heights.

Our Brands:

Dallas Designer Handbags:

DDH is serving as a go-to destination for both the buying and selling of luxury, authentic designer items, including a diverse selection of pre-owned designer bags. With an extensive range of designer handbags available, DDH is the preferred choice for customers seeking high-quality, second-hand designer accessories at an economical price that won’t break their bank.

Spectrum BPO:

Spectrum is a full-service eCommerce growth agency dedicated to helping the selling community plan, launch, manage and grow a scalable and profitable business on giants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Shopify, and beyond. Spectrum BPO has worked

with some of the biggest names on the market. Owing to this, they have experienced some well deserved rapid growth within a short span of time.

Silver Ant Marketing:

Offering digital marketing solutions, Silver Ant Marketing helps businesses enhance their online presence, reach their target audience, and drive brand awareness and engagement like never before.


Nextgrade is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers, traders, and exporters of salt-made products. Our goal is to be one of Pakistan’s top salt product exporters.

Nextgrade is driven by the vision of delivering quality products at competitive prices. At Nextgrade, our customers are the top priority. Customer satisfaction is our company’s primary goal and to achieve this, we strive to deliver the quality of goods according to the requirements. Our team is dedicated to delivering the required products within the stipulated time, ensuring quality standards. We aim to achieve premier manufacturing & trading standards and provide the superior quality of Himalayan Salt Lamps and Salt

Handicrafts. One of the reasons we are the fastest growing manufacturers is that we do not compromise in selecting our craftsmen who are the best in their field. We can offer you customized products, packaging, and services in light of your specific needs and requirements, and cater to your bulk order of any size and quantity. Our product line includes Salt Lamps, Tea-lights, Bath Salt, Crushed Salt Stones, Edible Salt, Salt Bricks, Salt Tiles, Wellness & Aromatherapy Salts, Agriculture Salt, Industrial Salt, Deicing Salt, etc.

Buraq Group:

IZOC Solutions is proud to have Buraq as one of its brands, offering top-quality, unrivaled premium goods and services. Buraq, a rapidly expanding company that generates millions in revenue, has extended its reach as a full-service, end-to-end distributor, dedicated to providing exceptional products to discerning customers.

Setting the Standard with Exceptional Work Policies and Practices

IZOC Solutions takes great pride in its commitment to fostering an exceptional work environment through its outstanding policies and practices. Believing that a supportive and engaging workplace is the foundation for success, both for the employees and the organization as a whole. Their best-suited policies for workers have woken up the desire of several youngsters to join this emerging company.

At IZOC Solutions, success is not measured solely by individual accomplishments, but also by the positive impact one creates within society. By nurturing emerging professionals, they actively contribute to shaping the leaders of tomorrow and making a tangible difference in our community. Their commitment to social responsibility fuels the passion to give back and uplift those around us.

If you are seeking a workplace that values your growth, fosters your aspirations, and allows you to make a meaningful impact, we encourage you to explore the opportunities

at IZOC Solutions. Join a team that is not only dedicated to personal and collective success but also committed to leaving a positive mark on society.

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