Saturday, May 25, 2024

James Faulkner banned from participating in future editions of HBL PSL.

Following Mr James Faulkner’s unsubstantiated charges of non-payment and mistreatment during the HBL Pakistan Super League 2022, the Pakistan Cricket Board and Quetta Gladiators issued the following statement:

“The PCB and Quetta Gladiators are saddened and appalled by Mr James Faulkner’s heinous behaviour, who was also a member of the Abu Dhabi-leg of the HBL Pakistan Super League in 2021 and, like all competitors, has always been treated with the utmost respect.”

“In the seven years of the HBL Pakistan Super League, no player has ever complained about the PCB’s contractual commitments not being met.”

“Instead, all players have applauded and welcomed the PCB’s efforts to make their stay, appearance, and participation as comfortable as possible.”

This is clear from the fact that the majority of these cricketers have remained a part of the PCB’s premier event since 2016 and have helped the PCB build the HBL PSL into the powerful and formidable brand that it is today.

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