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Zong eCare 2022- Call, SMS, Data, and Login Details

Customers of Zong can manage their SIM cards online through Zong eCare. They may look for information on their sim card, as well as current promos and bundles. This online service can also be used to replenish your Zong account. Any user with an eCare account can daily review their call log, SMS, and internet history.

Zong eCare

Customers of Zong can quickly access their online accounts to control their calls, SMS, and other details for any month with the touch of a button. Prepaid Zong clients can also utilize this helpful ecare service to verify their full account history. Besides Zong eCare service, there are other services like Jazz eCare too.

Zong eCare

Customers may simply check their call, SMS, and internet history by signing up for a Zong eCare account. Simply connect to your Zong eCare account, check your number, and manage your SIM card online. This eCare portal is simple and open to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.


Zong eCare can be used to check all the sim details of the person and Zong eCare login with the help of the following steps:

  • Go to this Login gateway Page to access your Zong ecare account.
  • Fill in your mobile number and the characters from the image to complete human verification.
  • You will receive a pin on your phone number in the next step.
  • Simply input this pin to gain online access to your sim. Please don’t send this pin to anyone else.
  • You’ll be taken to your dashboard, where you may view your balance, active packages and promotions, and other services.
  • You can easily check the whole of your sim data and activate new packages from this page.


Following are the features of Zong eCare, and it is a service that can be used to check the packages and sim details. There are no more free SMS messages available. Minutes left to use can be checked. The account can be recharged. Following are the features:

  • Payment History & Bills can be checked.
  • Data Usage History of Outgoing Calls Number Block Service.
  • eCare tax certificate from Zong.
  • Ownership of a Zong SIM card.
  • SIM information verification.
  • Section for Complaints.

Zong eCare Uses

Once you’ve created an account, you can do a lot with just one tap. You can sign up for any of the bundles without phoning or messaging the Zong Helpline.

Zong eCare Uses

Subscription to a Call Package

One can subscribe to the appropriate call plan with eCare Zong. Go to Packages & Bundles->Packages & Bundles->Packages & Bundles->Pack Bundles are what you should call them.

Subscription to a Message Package

Users of Zong self-care can now subscribe to SMS bundles with only a single tap. Go to SMS Bundles in Packages & Bundles. An Ecare account will inform customers of your SMS history if you send and receive an excessive amount of text messages.

It also helps to check instant messages and messages sent to different numbers and the time and contact number received.

Subscription to the Internet Package

You may now easily get some of the Internet packages just at the greatest prices once you create a Zong eCare account. Go to Internet Bundles under Packages & Bundles.

Account Recharge

There are two ways to recharge or transfer the bundle to your Zong account. You can input your debit or credit card information and the amount to be charged. One’s account will be credited after a few verifications. Aside from that, you can just acquire a scratch card and enter the number on it. Your account will be quickly refilled.

Call History

One can track data usage Zong eCare call history with eCare Zong so that you can use the remaining data wisely. You’ll need to check in to the Zong self-care portal for this. Select “Usage History” and the date you wish to learn more about. After selecting an update, the entire day’s history will be revealed.

Tax certificate

Tax certificate from Zong ecare can be accessed by the My Zong app and input your Zong sim number; a confirmation SMS with the PIN will be delivered to your phone. Log in using your PIN. On the My Zong home screen, select the Tax Certificate Feature. Now select Download Tax Certificate after selecting the Start and End dates.

Tax certificate

Balance check

Simply dial *222# to get an automated response from the company that will inform you how much money you have left on your account. This option is available to check Zong balance to all Zong Prepaid subscribers, regardless of plan or pricing. All taxes are not included in the pricing.


Zong eCare service can be used to check the history of calls, internet, SMS bundles, and check your own number through this service, which is the best service provided by Zong. This article has explained in detail the Zong eCare 2022.

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