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Japan Has A Network Of Roads That Play Music As You Drive Over Them At A Correct Speed

Strange places and events abound in the globe; while some are unexplainable, others are man-made. The musical route of Japan is one such weird man-made artefact. There are just four such roads in Japan that play music when you drive over them, but the concept is far more intriguing and motivating.

These roads may be found in the Japanese areas of Hokkaido, Wakayama, Shizuoka, and Gunma, and they all play various tunes.

Melody Roads are what the Japanese term these musical roadways that play music for driving. These roads, which range in length from 175 to 250 metres, are carved with hundreds of grooves that generate music as you drive down them.

These grooves are cut at predetermined intervals, and driving over them at a specific pace produces pleasant sound.

This serves as a speeding warning sign as well as a way to keep drivers aware while driving. Aside from road markers, all roads are designated by musical notes painted on the road’s surface.

Furthermore, the arrival of a musical melody is signalled by these indications. Drivers have the choice of going over or completely avoiding these grooves because they are located on the side of the road rather than in the middle.

Other than that, to hear the musical notes, drivers must close their car windows and drive at a speed of 28 mph, with one wheel of the vehicle over the grooves. The sound will come out like a tape on fast forward if you drive too fast over it, but there will be music if you go slowly or too slowly.

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