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JazzCash Charges 2022 – Complete List of JazzCash Withdrawal and Depositing charges

JazzCash is widely used in Pakistan. It provides various services to its customers. It also provides JazzCash money withdrawal and money deposit offers. However, some JazzCash money withdrawal charges and money deposit charges are applied while these services are availed.

Everything is explained related to the JazzCash schedule of charges in 2022, JazzCash charges in 2022, and a complete list of JazzCash withdrawal and deposit charges.

JazzCash Money Withdrawal Charges List 2022

People in Pakistan can have the ease of withdrawing money using JazzCash. There are two main methods to withdraw money using JazzCash methods. One is from a mobile account through JazzCash Agent, and the other is money with money withdrawal using a JazzCash ATM card. Below is the list of JazzCash money withdrawal charges for 2022.

JazzCash Money Withdrawal Charges List 2022

From mobile account through Jazz Cash Agent

Jazz Cash charges for money withdrawal from mobile account through Jazz cash agent are listed below. 

Withdrawal AmountCharges (INC. TAX)
PKR. 1 to 200PKR. 7
PKR. 201 to 500PKR. 12
PKR. 501 to 1000PKR. 20
PKR. 1001 to 2500PKR. 40
PKR. 2501 to 4000PKR. 70
PKR. 4001 to 6000PKR. 100
PKR. 6001 to 8000PKR. 130
PKR. 8001 to 10000PKR. 180
PKR. 10001 to 13000PKR. 230
PKR. 13001 to 16000PKR. 280
PKR. 16001 to 20000PKR. 330
PKR. 20001 to 25000PKR. 380
PKR. 25001 to 30000PKR. 470
PKR. 30001 to 40000PKR. 560
PKR. 40001 to 50000PKR. 690

From mobile account using ATM

From mobile account using ATM

Jazz cash charges for money withdrawal from the mobile account using an ATM card are mentioned below.

Withdrawal AmountCharges (INC. TAX)
PKR. 500-1000PKR. 20
PKR. 1500 to 2500PKR. 35
PKR. 3000 to 4000PKR. 60
PKR. 4500 to 6000PKR. 90
PKR. 6500 to 8000PKR. 120
PKR. 8500 to 10000PKR. 160
PKR. 10500 to 13000PKR. 200
PKR. 13500 to 16000PKR. 250
PKR. 16500 to 20000PKR. 300
PKR. 20500 to 25000PKR. 340
PKR. 25500 to 30000PKR. 420
PKR. 30500 to 40000PKR. 500
PKR. 40500 to 50000PKR. 620

JazzCash money Deposit Charges list 2022

Jazz Cash also offers money deposits and money sends services to its customers. It offers money send services from Jazz Cash mobile account to mobile account, CNIC to CNIC, CNIC to mobile account, mobile account to bank account, and  CNIC to Bank through Jazz Cash agent.

All information related to JazzCash money deposit charges lists 2022 is explained in the below section in detail.

From JazzCash mobile account to Bank Account

Current JazzCash Deposit charges from JazzCash mobile account to bank account are not applicable up to PKR. 25,000. However, money transfer charges are applied if the transferring amount exceeds the mentioned amount. 0.1% charges are applied from the transaction amount.

Deposit Amount RangeCharges (INC. TAX)
PKR. 1 to 500PKR. 35
PKR. 501 to 1000PKR. 50
PKR. 1001 to 2500PKR. 65
PKR. 2501 to 4000PKR. 80
PKR. 4001 to 5000PKR. 90

Money send chargers CNIC to Bank Account through JazzCash Agent

CNIC to Bank account through Jazz Cash Agent money transfer charges are listed below.

Transfer Amount RangeCharges (INC. TAX)
PKR. 1 to 1000PKR. 35
PKR. 1001 to 2500PKR. 50
PKR. 2501 to 4000PKR. 65
PKR. 4001 to 6000PKR. 80
PKR. 6001 to 8000PKR. 90
PKR. 8001 to 10000PKR. 105
PKR. 10001 to 13000PKR. 120
PKR. 13001 to 15000PKR. 130
PKR. 15001 to 20000PKR. 165
PKR. 20001 to 25000PKR. 200
PKR. 25001 to 30000PKR. 250
PKR. 30001 to 40000PKR. 325
PKR. 40001 to 50000PKR. 400

Money transfer limit to the Bank account through JazzCash Agent

Following limitations are applied while depositing money from the JazzCash agent to the Bank account.

  • Users can deposit only 50,000/- PKR per month per CNIC using Biometric verification.
  • Multiple transferring transactions of 50,000 PKR are applicable on a single CNIC per month.
  • Through USSD, only 25,000 PKR transfer is allowed per CNIC.

Money sends charges for CNIC TO CNIC.

JazzCash money transfer charges from CNIC to CNIC are given below.

Transaction Amount rangeCharges (INC. TAX)
PKR. 1 to 1000PKR. 60
PKR. 1001 to 2500PKR. 120
PKR. 2501 to 4000PKR. 180
PKR. 4001 to 6000PKR. 240
PKR. 6001 to 8000PKR. 300
PKR. 8001 to 10000PKR. 350
PKR. 10,001-13000PKR. 400
PKR. 13001 to 15000PKR. 450
PKR. 15001 to 20000PKR. 600
PKR. 20001 to 25000PKR. 750

JazzCash Money transfer charges from JazzCash Account to CNIC

JazzCash money transfer charges from the jazz cash account to CNIC are follows.

Money Transfer RangeCharges (INC. TAX)
PKR. 1 to 1000PKR. 55
PKR. 1001 to 2500PKR. 110
PKR. 2501 to 4000PKR. 160
PKR. 4001 to 6000PKR. 215
PKR. 6001 to 8000PKR. 270
PKR. 8001 to 10000PKR. 320
PKR. 10,001-13000PKR. 375
PKR. 13001 to 16000PKR. 430
PKR. 16001 to 20000PKR. 500
PKR. 20001 to 25000PKR. 650

End Note

JazzCash offers various other services, such as utility bills payment etc., with zero charges. It is a good service, and many people in Pakistan are using it.

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