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Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2023 – Models, Specs and Images

Jolta electric was the first to sell electric automobiles in Pakistan. The electric bike was introduced, and the firm held a roadshow for the first time. The business explains how e-bikes might fill a need in the Pakistani market. The price in Pakistan in 2023 will be discussed in the article.

Jolta Electric Bike

This new age of mobility is built on electric automobiles or bikes, and electric vehicles have changed the automobile industry. We are seeing a steady rise in the demand for electric automobiles. Vehicles are a factor since they save money and do not emit hazardous pollutants. Jolta explains how e-bikes might fill a need in the Pakistani market.

Jolta Electric Bike

Also, the company’s goal is to create an eco-friendly environment and ensure that the air is free of harmful waste. Jolta, a Pakistani company, has successfully introduced its e-bikes in Pakistan. There is a lot of overlap between these E-Motorcycles and Pakistani bikes.

This model is available in three different sizes: 70, 100, and 125 ccs. Company executives said these e-bikes are cost-effective and targeted at Pakistani consumers.

Jolta E-bikes Charging Method

With an e-bike, adjusting the speed is as simple as turning a handlebar lock. Once you’ve read it, there’s no need to second guess yourself. For the benefit of readers and e-bike owners, the charging technique for e-bikes has been provided below.

Before anything else, you need to remove the battery pack from the e-bike itself. Once the battery has been disconnected, turn the switch off. After this, attach the battery pack’s charger to it. Now connect the bike charger to a standard electrical socket. Finally, switch on the wall outlet to begin charging your device.


Various features of Jolta e-bikes are reliable for the customers; some of these are as follows:

  • Consumption of one’s staticity
  • a reasonable price
  • A mechanical engine is not present.
  • Charge for 5 to 7 hours, depending on the kind of backbone.
  • Four amps of self-starting motor current
  • The maximum speed is 80 kph in a noise-free environment.
  • No pollution from a small frame

Jolta Electric Bikes Models

The first firm to market electric cars was Jolta Electric, which pioneered the industry. The firm unveiled the electric bike, and for the first time, a roadshow was held just for electric bikes.

The importance of electric cars is shown by this E-bike roadshow-bikes in the add-roadshow. The firm discusses the opportunities and demands for electric bicycles in Pakistan. There are various models/ variants of these bikes. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Jolta E 70 electric bike
  2. E 100 Jolta electric bike
  3. Jolta E 125 electric bike

Jolta E 70 electric bikes

The power output of this bolts electric bike is two horsepower when the battery is completely charged. The 48-volt motor is fitted in this model of bolts e-bikes. The motor of this e-bike is now using Isom 1.2vA (hampered).

Jolta E 70 electric bikes

Additional features include a 5-hour charge time and a 50-mile range per battery charge. A single charge might cost as much as Rs. 15 or require 1.7 units of energy, making it a poor choice for a vehicle. Jolta E 70 is an electric bike with 70 horsepower.

The rpm of this motor is 500, and its maximum torque ranges from 45 Nm (newton meters) to 48 NM (newton feet). 50 kilometers per hour is the maximum speed of an E 70 Jolt e-bike. Electric bikes have a self-starting mechanism and do not make noise like other bikes, unlike conventional bikes.

E 100 Jolta electric bikes

The motor on the jolta E100 e-bike operates at 60 volts and can produce up to 3000 watts of power, which is twice as much as the jolta E70 e-bikes can produce. This electric bicycle has an output current of between 1.5 A and 1.8 A. (ampere). In addition, the power consumption of jolts e 100 e-bikes may reach up to 2.5 units.

E 100 Jolta electric bikes

And the price of e-bikes with a consumption of 2.5 units in Pakistan is 40 rupees. Compared to the cost of the motorcycles depending on gasoline, this price is rather affordable.

In addition, the highest torque that this particular e-bike can produce ranges from 55 to 60-newton meters, and its maximum number of revolutions per minute is 720.

The amount of time needed to charge this electric bicycle is six hours, and it can go 70 kilometers on a single charge. In addition, this electric bicycle can reach a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

Jolta E 125 electric bikes

This particular model of bolts e-bike has a motor installation that can handle up to 72 volts, and the power that this motor produces is equal to 5000 watts. The horsepower generated by this e-bike is 6.8 horsepower, and the torque produced by the motor is 75Nm engine Nm.

This motor has an 800 revolutions per minute (RPM) rotational speed.

Jolta E 125 electric bikes

In addition, the motor can produce a current that is between 2.2 A and 4 A. On the other hand, this electric bicycle can be completely charged in eight hours, and it can ride up to one hundred twenty kilometers on a single charge. In addition to this, the maximum speed of the e-bike is recorded at 80 kilometers per hour.

In addition to this, the power usage for a single charge is equal to four units, and the associated cost is seventy rupees. The backbone e-bike design was used to create the frame of each of the 100 electric bicycles. Lis created the backbones type, and an e-bike is a self-starting vehicle.

Jolta E-bikes Specifications

The specifications of Jolta E-bikes will be discussed in the article below in detail. There are three variants of this bike, so their specifications will also be discussed here as follows:

BikeJolta E-70Jolta E-100Jolta E-125
Rpm of bikes500720800
Torque ratio455575-80
Max speed50km/hr60km/hr80km/hr

Jolta E-bikes Price in Pakistan

The costs of Jolta Electric Bikes are reasonable and lower than those of other brands of electric bikes. The firm is dedicated to producing Electric Bikes at a reduced price to make them accessible to customers of all income levels. Some models of Jolta Electric Bikes have pricing that is lower than others. Prices are shown in the table below:

Jolta Bikes Price in Pakistan
Jolta E 70 D SERS. 1,57,000
E 100 Jolta BikesRs. 138,670
Jolta E 125 BikesRs. 166,970


The jolta electric bicycles are created by local producers in the area. E-bikes are said to have debuted in Pakistan with great success and are now fully functioning. In Pakistan, these electric bicycles are very comparable to standard bicycles. It comes in three different iterations: the E70, the E100, and the E125.

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