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Jolta Electric Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023 – Specs, Features and Other Details

This article is all about Jolta Electric Scooty, its Price in Pakistan 2023, specs, and features. So read the article till end.

Electric vehicle

Everyone knows that the climate is changing and that the global average temperature is gradually rising. After performing, a gasoline-powered automobile generates toxic waste, which is known as pollutants, which hurt the environment and disrupt nature. As a result, the auto industry is currently focusing on developing electric vehicles in order to rid the atmosphere of harmful waste and contaminants.

The electric vehicle transformed the automobile industry, and one may argue that electric vehicles or bicycles will be the mode of transportation of the future. The demand for electric automobiles is steadily increasing. The demand for Electric Bikes in Pakistan is also rapidly increasing. The reason for this is that electric vehicles save money on fuel and do not emit dangerous toxins. Scooty is mostly used by Girls. Normal Scooty Price in Pakistan is affordable but when it comes to electric scooty it will cost you more than the normal scooty.

Jolta Electric Scooty

Jolta Electric Scooty

The JE 70, Pakistan’s first electric bike, was introduced by Pakistan’s Prime Minister in July, bringing Jolta Electric to the public’s attention for the first time. A line of electric bikes with varying engine powers has also been presented by the company. Whereas the bikes are yet to be introduced, Jolta Electric has launched an electric scooter. The market for scooters in the region has risen dramatically in recent years.

Numerous female drivers have indicated an interest in buying scooties because they are easier to drive in crowded locations. You can assume the JE-scooty to be a good choice among females when it comes to cookies. To get you started, let’s have a look at the Jolta e-scooty pricing in Pakistan, specs, and launch details.

In Pakistan, the Jolta JE Scooty costs Rs. 105,000. The vehicle is available for reservation, and it will be delivered in 30 to 45 days. You can order one from any authorised Jolta dealer in Pakistan.

Without further ado, let’s look at the Jolta e-scooty pricing in Pakistan, specs, and launch information to get you started


A 1500W engine as well as a 20 amp-hour dry battery are included in the newly announced JE-scooty. The scooty can hit a maximum speed of 55 km/h once fully charged, according to the company. On a single full charge, the scooty has a capability of 60 kilometres.

Battery of the scooty

The JE-scooty is propelled by a Jolta Electric dry battery. Overnight charging is possible for the scooty. In terms of electricity consumption, the business estimates that charging the cells will require 1.8 units.

Design of the scooty

The overall style and feel of the JE-scooty is excellent. The styling is similar to that of the Honda Dio (launched in the Chinese market). It’s simple to see why the scooty will be a success with females when we consider the scooty’s seating comfort & compact size. On the other hand, the manufacturer designed it for both women and men.

In Pakistan, the Jolta JE Scooty is available in two versions, one for women and the other with a Hello Kitty theme. The other appears to be more sporty and is geared at boys and men. Cupholders and storage areas are available on both.

Jolta E-Scooty Price in Pakistan

Jolta Electric Scooty price in pakistan

The company has released the price of the Jolta Electric Scooty in Pakistan. The E- scooty is particularly intended for female passengers. Because they are easier to drive in congested locations, many female drivers have showed an interest in acquiring a scooty. They can now travel to job or educational institutions on their own.

It is a product that attracts a lot of attention since it gives female drivers a feeling of freedom and independence. In light of rising gasoline prices and the depreciation of the rupee, an electric scooter appears to be an ideal form of transportation.

Are you curious about the electric scooter price in Pakistan? electric scooty price in Pakistan has been increased by the corporation to PKR 105,000. It can be purchased at any allowed Jolta Electric dealer in the United States.

Model Name Price
Jolta E-Scooty Rs. 110,000

Wrapping Up

jolta e-scooty

Announced the introduction of Pakistan’s first electric bike, the JE-70D, Jolta has unveiled a new electric bike range, as well as an E-Scooty. The female-oriented Hello Kitty inspired JE Electric Scooty is reviewed in detail here.

Since it is created for university or office-going ladies and women, the JE-Scooty is the most exciting of all the new Jolta electric bikes.

Jolta Electric first came to public attention in July, when Pakistan’s Prime Minister unveiled the JE 70, the country’s first electric bike. The company has also unveiled a range of electric motorcycles with varied engine output. While the bikes are yet to hit the streets, Jolta Electric has now released an electric scooty.

The demand for scooties in the state has surged in recent years. Many female drivers have asked about purchasing scooties since they are more convenient to drive in congested areas. On the list of scooties for females, we may expect the JE-scooty to be a popular choice..

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