Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Joseph Deen: The World’s Youngest “Paid” Fortnite Player with Rs. 5M Contract

Joseph Deen signed up for Team 33, one of the best gaming teams for games like Valorant and League of Legends, and became the world’s youngest esports professional player.

As per details, the eight-year-old was offered a position on the team as well as a $33K (roughly Rs5 million) sign-on bonus for his Fortnite skills. Because of Deen’s age and the substantial sum of money he was given just for joining the team, the news has come as a surprise to many.

Despite the fact that Deen is Team 33’s youngest player, he is not the only underage player who has joined a professional esports team.

Patrick Bagaru, best known as “H1ghsky1,” was given a place in FaZe to compete in Fortnite a few years ago. Bagaru’s case was contentious not just because of his youth, but also because he had lied about it, claiming to be a year older. According to Twitch’s rules, users must be at least 13 years old to open an account, so Bagaru lied about his age.

This time, Team 33 has been forthright about Deen’s true age in order to prevent a repeat of the H1ghsky1 and FaZe situation. Deen is signed to Team 33 under special circumstances due to his age.

Despite his age, Deen has reportedly proven to be an excellent Fortnite player. Deen was offered a $33k sign-up bonus by Team 33 co-founder Tyler Gallagher after he defeated another member of Team 33, whose name is unknown, in a Fortnite match. Deen has confirmed that he has not been taken seriously in the past, but that this will change now that he is a member of a professional esports team.

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