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Kaffarah for breaking the fast in Ramadan

Fasting is obligatory for Muslims during the month of Ramadan, but the chronically ill, weak persons and travelers are exempted from fasting. If a person fasts in Ramadan and breaks the fast before breaking the fast, then such persons have to pay expiation for the fast. Atonement for fasting according to Hanafi jurisprudence Kaffarah of fasting is to be paid in such a situation when a person breaks the fast. Breaking the fast includes eating, drinking, smoking/hookah or having sex. According to Jamiat Uloom al-Islamiyya Banuri Town, it will be necessary to keep 60 consecutive fasts on it in expiation. If it is not possible, it is necessary to give Sadaqah Fitr amount of grain or its value to 60 poor people.

It is permissible to give one poor person the amount of Sadaqah Fitr for 60 days, or to give the same amount of Sadaqah Fitr to each of the 60 poor people on the same day. Instead of giving the amount of Sadaqah al-Fitr, grain or price, if one feeds 60 poor people for one day in the morning and evening, or one poor person for 60 days in the morning and evening, then the expiation will be paid. This year, the amount of fitra has been set at 140 rupees and according to this calculation, the amount for 60 poor people is 8 thousand 400 rupees.

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