Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Karachi Port can become a transshipment hub for Central Asian countries says Tariq Haleem

According to the statement released by Communications & Gwadar Development chairperson Tariq Haleem, Karachi Port can become a transshipment center for Central Asian countries, a port that connects two destinations that could not be directly connected, only by developing infrastructure and adjusting port charges.

“During Covid-19, activity at our ports slowed down that has given us a chance to reconsider the long-held program about making Karachi Port a transshipment hub,” said Tariq Haleem – president of United Business Group (UBG) Standing Committee on Maritime Affairs, Communications and Gwadar Development.

Pakistan’s imports & exports made around $70 billion, & its cargo quantity was standing at 3.3 million cans per year, Haleem added.

He further stressed that “There are 12 Central Asian Republicans (CARs) that in total have imports & exports worth $450 billion & they do not have a port – a tremendous opportunity for Pakistan,”.

The chairman also said, “We can divide them into the five blocks of $50 billion each & if we capture only one block of $5 billion, our ports will choke.”

“The capacity of our current ports needs to be enhanced, & it is a doable plan that can turn around the country’s economic situation,” he further stressed.

According to Tariq Haleem, restructuring of port charges such as cargo management in free days & proper deployment of South Asia Pacific Terminal (SAPTL) at Karachi Port, which has an in-depth sketch of 16 meters beside the dock with the possibility for up to 20 meters, might be used for most constructively for making the port a state-of-the-art transshipping hub.

Together With proper planning & execution, Karachi Port can also become the most accessible and cost-efficient port for linking and growing trade levels with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. Said the chairman.

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