Monday, June 17, 2024

Karachi to Islamabad Air Travel for As Low As Rs. 17,000

Travelers of Karachi-Islamabad usually complain about sky rocking fares and avoid traveling via air because of this reason but their worries might end soon as airline is offering decreased fares.

Pakistan’s well known SereneAir has announced to restore the aircraft ER500 on Islamabad-Karachi route with fare as low as Rs17,000.

The airline announced via Twitter, ER500 will fly on 13 and 20 March, a news welcomed by usual travelers.

Normally, the air rates between Karachi and Islamabad are usually Rs 25,000 and hikes up to Rs 40,000 as well on special occasions.

The PIA usually operates 4 flights between Karachi-Islamabad and facilities to those who have to wind up important assignments.

The decrease in rupee value against the US Dollar as well as hiked up petroleum rates made it impossible for usual travelers to opt the travel by air choice and many have been thinking to travel by road/tracks which is time taken than the air.

However, such offer by Serene Air facilitate all those who travel frequently in such low rates.

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