Monday, June 17, 2024

Karachi’s Obaid ur Rehman Becomes Pakistan’s First 4D Artist

Meet Obaid ur Rahman, a talented visual artist from Karachi, who has wowed his audience with his creative and mesmerizing artwork. From a young age, he loved playing with colors and crafting masterpieces. Now, he is known as the first artist in Pakistan to create a 4D painting and a pioneer of 3D/anamorphic art in the country.

Obaid loves experimenting with different mediums and surfaces, making his personal works unique and experimental. He discovered his talent for 3D art while creating sketches on walls and rooftops of his house. With determination, he showcased his artwork in galleries both in Pakistan and abroad.

What’s impressive is that Obaid learned 3D/anamorphic art on his own, without attending any formal course. He studied through literature and received guidance from American artist Tracy Lee Stum.

His family’s full support and receiving commissioned work encouraged Obaid to turn his passion into a career. He loves anamorphic art because it allows viewers to interact with the artwork, making them a part of it.

Among his cherished artworks, Obaid holds a special place for his first 3D/anamorphic artwork done in public, an artwork in the corner of his room with multiple perspectives, and an artwork he created for the Street Art Festival in Germany. He aims to represent Pakistan at international forums through his art, making his country proud.

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