Tuesday, October 3, 2023

KFC Canada Hosted ‘Fry Funeral’ to Bid Farewell to its Hated Fries

KFC Canada recently did something fun and creative. They organized a pretend ‘funeral’ for their old, not-so-tasty french fries. This was because many customers didn’t like how the fries tasted before. KFC Canada wanted to show they were listening, so they had this funny event to say goodbye to the old fries.

They made a video where they said, “The old KFC Fries weren’t good enough, so we’re saying goodbye to them.” KFC Canada’s marketing director, Azim Akhtar, explained that they knew people in Canada didn’t like the old fries. So, they decided to fix the fries and show it in a fun way.

At the same time, KFC Canada introduced new, better-tasting seasoned fries. This event where they pretended to have a funeral for the old fries was a creative way to show they care about what customers think.

It also showed that they’re trying to make their food better and make people happier when they eat at KFC. This could be a good example for other businesses to learn from.

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