Thursday, December 7, 2023

Khunjerab Pass Linking Pakistan, China Closed for Four Months

The Chinese government’s decision to close Khunjerab Pass for four months contradicts the joint press statement from October 20, where it was affirmed to remain open year-round. The closure, from December to March, stems from the need to comply with the “Port Entry and Exit Management Measures.” Both nations must revise and sign an agreement on border ports and management systems through diplomatic channels for the year-round operation of Khunjerab Pass.

The closure is pending approval for year-round operation from relevant authorities, with China’s State Port Management Office playing a crucial role. Until an official notice is issued, Khunjerab Port will follow a seasonal customs clearance mode, allowing for special pass openings if specific needs arise during the closure period.

This shift reflects the intricacies of diplomatic negotiations and the impact on practical decisions affecting a vital international passageway. It underlines the importance of ongoing communication and agreement to ensure the smooth functioning of border regions and trade routes between nations.

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