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KMC – Complete Overview of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation

KMC “Karachi Metropolitan Corporation” is the significant organizational wing of the local govt system that the administrator of the city manages. Various KMC departments have different key responsibilities in its system. Their key purpose is to look after the various public affairs, particularly for the public of Karachi city.

It has always worked for the betterment of the city. Currently, it is working on a new project named “Digital Map of Karachi.” Whose purpose is to provide convenience to the public in terms of transport and traveling within the city.

Before describing the complete Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, you must know about its history and architecture. This article will find KMC – COMPLETE OVERVIEW OF KARACHI METROPOLITAN CORPORATION.

History and Architecture

KMC’s roots can be traced back even before the country’s independence. From the history, it is reported that the “Karachi Metropolitan Corporation” committee was established in 1850. Later on, this committee was transformed into the “Karachi Municipal Corporation” in 1933. This action was taken according to the “Karachi Metropolitan Act.”

 KMC building foundation was put in 1927. It is one of the iconic and prominent government buildings of Pakistan. Some significant amendments were made regarding the scope and functioning of this institution in 1976, and then it was converted into “Karachi Metropolitan Corporation,” shortly known as KMC.

In early 2000, KMC focused on improving and forming the CDGK “City District Govt Karachi.” For this purpose, Karachi city was portioned into multiple union councils and towns. However, in 2011, the Govt of Sindh, Karachi, revived the system of KMC. By this, they divided the city into five district municipal corporations.



KMC has multiple sections and departments that perform some key functions. KMC departments are listed below.

  • Accommodation
  • Anti-Encroachment KMC
  • Charged Parking
  • City Warden
  • City Institute of Image Management
  • Council
  • Estate, KMC
  • Cultural sports
  • Enterprise and Investment Promotion
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Information Technology
  • Land, KMC
  • Municipal Services
  • Human Resource Management
  • Parks and Horticulture department
  • Sindh Solid Waste Management
  • KMC Complaint Portal and Management System

There are many other departments. However, here you will know in detail about the key departments of KMC.

Anti-Encroachment Department

This depart of KMC is responsible for looking after the issues related to the estate and land. It works with the Sindh Building Control Authority to maintain and fulfill its responsibility. Its purpose is to keep the check and remove the encroachments on the city’s main roads and streets. 

Parks and Horticulture Department

This department of KMC is responsible for overseeing the greenery of the city and planting new trees. It is also responsible for maintaining the parks’ different kinds of horticulture features.

Sindh Solid Waste Management Department

The Govt of Sindh and KMC handle the solid waste management system. The KMC has taken steps to improve the system and fulfill the following responsibilities.

  • Disposal of solid waste, including the waste of the Landfill site and its management and treatment.
  • Disposal and removal of greywater.
  • Sanitation and conservancy of the greywater.
  • Industries and hospitals may waste disposal and treatment of hazardous and toxic materials.
  • Toxicity, fumigation, and pest control in the environment and many parts of the city.

KMC Complaint Portal and Management System

Suppose the people are facing any trouble or issue regarding the use of facilities developed for their benefit in their specific area. In that case, they can notify the KMC department by registering their complaints. They can do this directly on their official website, containing the complaint and management portal.

Contacting the KMC by accessing their complaint portal is easy and convenient. For that, you only need to fill out the form in which you have to enter the area and the issue. 

Digital Map of Karachi

Digital Map of Karachi is another project carried out by the KMC. KMC provides an interactive map of the megacity “Of Karachi” city on its website. It is a major step toward introducing the initiative for the local authorities and the public.

The administrator of the city has provided a brief highlight of this project. It is said that the digital map of Karachi will contain all the details about the key landmarks and facilities of the area. For example, the person interacting with this map can find out about the nearest municipal services, fire stations, playgrounds, open urban areas, police stations, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, and many other places.

Upcoming Projects of KMC

According to the news and reports from the Pakistani media, the Administrator of Karachi, “Murtaza Wahab,” has passed a new statement about the upcoming KMC projects.

According to his statement, KMC is working on introducing the new housing scheme at affordable prices through public and private partnerships. The target public is the low-income section of people who cannot afford higher-priced houses.

The city administrator also mentioned that this low-cost housing scheme would be established in the locality area of “Orangi Town.” The project director is already directed to survey the land where this project is being constructed for the residential area.

Upcoming Projects of KMC

Contact Details

Here are the KMC contact details.

Various departments have different contact details, and their contact details are given on the KMC official website. However, if you can’t find out the relevant query depart to get some information or solve any query, then you can contact the administrator of Karachi. Here are his contact details.

Office Phone. No. : 021 99215125-6

Fax: 021 99215117

So, you can contact the city’s administrator using these phone numbers.


In this article complete overview of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation is given. So, here you can find out about its key department’s functions, responsibilities, and more. Also, you can get information about the ongoing and upcoming projects of the KMC.

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