Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Kohli or Babar? Interesting Response to Snapchat’s ‘AI’

The video streaming app ‘Snapchat’ has introduced an AI tool based on ChatGPT that is the talk of the town on social media. People who are interested in cricket appear to enjoy this feature as well.

A Snapchat user recently used the Snapchat ‘AI’ to ask an interesting question on the social networking site Twitter. Who is better than Indian cricketer Virat Kohli to national cricketer Babar Azam, according to the user?

In response, Snapchat’s ‘AI’ avoided labelling either of them as better than the other, stating that both are good players. It’s difficult to compare the two because they both have distinct playing styles.

The Snapchat user then asks if they have to choose one of the two names. Snapchat ‘AI’ names national team captain Babar Azam on user’s insistence.

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