Wednesday, May 31, 2023

PTI Leaders are Leaving the Party.

On Thursday, Malik Amin Aslam, Dr Muhammad Amjad, and Dr Imran Ali Shah announced their decision to leave the PTI in the aftermath of the May 9 violence, bringing the total number of PTI leaders who have left the party to six.

Earlier on Wednesday, three leaders, including former federal minister Aamer Mehmood Kiani, Karachi MNA Mahmood Baqi Moulvi, and Sindh Assembly MP Dr Sanjay Gangwani, announced their decision to leave Imran Khan’s party.

Mr Aslam and Dr Amjad both stated in separate press conferences at the National Press Club in Islamabad that it had become impossible to remain a member of the PTI following the May 9 incidents. They went on to say that the PTI was becoming “a cause of the country’s destruction and hatred towards institutions.”

Mr Aslam, who served as the Prime Minister’s climate change adviser during Imran Khan’s tenure, said he worked for the PTI for 13 years. “However, after the attacks on military installations and Jinnah House Lahore, I am unable to continue.” “Imran Khan should have immediately condemned the incidents and announced an investigation into the workers who were involved in the riots,” Mr Aslam added.

Mr Aslam expressed his shock at the attack and wondered why only military and state installations were targeted by PTI workers. He stated that he joined the PTI to fight corruption and to create a “green agenda” to protect Pakistan from climate change.

He advised Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, to “look right and left and identify the black sheep and expose them rather than demanding a judicial inquiry.” “Our enemies’ agenda is to create divisions between the army and the masses,” he explained.

He dispelled the notion that he was under pressure to leave the PTI and stated that he had not yet decided to join any party.

Another leader, Dr. Amjad, gave similar reasons for his decision to leave the PTI.

“I cannot be a part of politics that is destroying the country,” he said, claiming that only a few people were encouraging Mr Khan to “make bad decisions.”

According to Dr Amjad, who served as the PTI’s deputy information secretary, Mr Khan is unable to recognise true and sincere friends and always follows those who mislead them.

Imran Ali Shah abandons ship

Dr Imran Ali Shah, a PTI lawmaker in Sindh Assembly, expressed regret in Karachi over the violent protests by PTI leaders and supporters.

At a press conference at the Karachi Press Club, Dr Shah announced his decision to leave the PTI.

He claimed that the vandals “didn’t even spare national institutions,” and that the events of May 9 had changed his mind about his political future.

Meanwhile, eight former PTI legislators from the Punjab Assembly have announced their intention to leave the party.

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