Monday, February 26, 2024

Lahore Police Bans Fancy Number Plates, Announces Heavy Fines Including Years In Prison

Lahore’s Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Muntazir Mehdi, has recently stated that instead of fining traffic violators, cases will be filed for tampering with number plates, including the placing of counterfeit, phoney, and illegal green number plates.

As a result, cases will be brought under the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 97A, which says that those who tamper with number plates risk up to two years in prison and a fee of Rs. 200,000, while those who make them face up to a year in prison and a punishment of Rs. 100,000.

According to the CTO, the absence of number plates is unforgivable, but all vehicles with number plates that follow the standard pattern will be exempted.

A handful of car owners in Lahore continue to disregard the Excise Department’s legal number plates. One reason for this is that, due to a technical glitch, the majority of vehicle owners who registered their new automobiles or motorcycles in 2021 or more recently have yet to get their original number plates from the Excise Department.

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