Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Lahori Man Claims to Make 70cc Bike in Just Rs. 21,000

Motor bikes are in high demand at the start of this year when people couldn’t go to work as normal. Due to consumers’ inability to spend their Job Keeper-boosted salaries on entertainment like dining out or going to the movies, bike sales among other things increased. But you have to travel so everybody can’t afford cars or heavy bikes. During this prevailing chaos situation, A man from Lahore, claimed to bring old motorbike and convert it into zero-meter bike either its Honda 125 or 70cc bike.

CM Autos in Lahore brought an amazing package for the residents of city. The owner claims to bring your old engine and take back home the brand-new bike with you. He also added bikes from 1980 or older could be renewed in this 2023. All the original accessories would be added.

All the four companies that provide material to Honda, their material would be used in the renovation of old bikes. He also showed every spare part to the interviewer. Top quality tyers would be used in making of these bikes the owner said. First make your clear satisfaction and then visit the CM Autos. Reason told by the owner for such a low price is because he is running his own factory in Lahore so he never compromises on quality.

New 125 price he claimed would be 48000 whose market worth is more than 2 lacs. Final package for 70 cc bike would be 21000 PKR. Residents from other cities can also go for home deliveries and their order would be dispatched in the meantime. So, what are you waiting for peeps, Hurry Up and Enjoy the minimal rates with amazing quality.

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