Monday, October 2, 2023

Legendary Sword of Tipu Sultan Becomes Most Expensive Sword in History

Tipu Sultan, a famous ruler, owned a special sword called the Spenny Sword during his reign from 1782 to 1799. This sword was known for its exceptional craftsmanship and the use of a strong type of steel called Wootz steel. It was said to be harder than other types of steel used at that time. The sword was designed to be used as a weapon in Tipu Sultan’s bedchamber.

During that period in Indian history, swords were believed to be capable of easily slicing through armor, which made them unique compared to other swords of that time. The sword’s hilt was made of gold and had intricate markings on it. The blade of the sword had inscriptions, including the words “Sword of the Ruler” and other writings added after Tipu Sultan’s death.

When Tipu Sultan was defeated by the British, the sword was taken from his bedchamber by British troops in 1799. It was then presented to Major General David Baird as a symbol of admiration for his bravery and leadership during the assault in which Tipu Sultan was killed.

This particular sword was not the only one owned by Tipu Sultan, nor was it the one he used in battles. The swords he used in battle were lost even earlier and are now held in British museums. However, the Spenny Sword is special because of the beautiful artwork on its hilt and its close connection to the legendary ruler.

Interestingly, Tipu Sultan is also known for being a pioneer of rocket artillery. He used metal tubes filled with gunpowder as long-range artillery against British attacks. Although these rockets were not particularly effective in causing damage, their loud noises and bright flashes of light were enough to scare the forces of the British East India Company.

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