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Here’s the List of Top Pakistani Schools in UAE

More than 1.2 million Pakistanis live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with 400,000 residing in Dubai. This makes up around 13% of Dubai’s population and makes Pakistanis the third largest ethnic group in the UAE, following Indians and native Emiratis.

The Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD), founded in 1960, is the largest community center for Pakistanis in the world. UAE is the largest trading partner of Pakistan, and the Pakistani skilled and semi-skilled workforce contributes significantly to Dubai’s economic growth. In Dubai, there are several Pakistani schools that provide quality education to Pakistani and local students.

Pakistan Education Academy:

Established in 1968, this school aims to provide quality education to Pakistani children in the UAE. It follows the National Education Curriculum of Pakistan and the local UAE curriculum. The school offers various facilities such as an auditorium, medical care, library, computer laboratory, playgrounds, and more. Regular communication with parents is a key feature of the school.

Pakistan Islamia Secondary School:

Founded in 1979 in Ajman, this school caters to the children of Pakistani expatriates. Recognized by the UAE Ministry of Education, it follows the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education curriculum. The school focuses on application-based learning and encourages collaboration between teachers and parents.

Pakistani Islamic School, Al Ain:

This school provides Islamic education along with a comprehensive curriculum. It offers classes from kindergarten to higher secondary and aims to develop students intellectually, morally, spiritually, and physically. The school follows the admission policy set by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge.

H.H. Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School, Dubai:

This school emphasizes academic excellence and personality development through an integrated curriculum. It values both Pakistani and UAE heritage and promotes Islamic values and Emirati culture. The morning assembly fosters a positive community culture.

Omar Bin Al Khattab Pakistan School, Ajman:

This school teaches around 700 students, with financial support provided by the UAE government and private donations. It follows the Pakistan National Curriculum but incorporates elements from American and European education systems. The school offers a holistic educational environment and is affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.

These Pakistani schools in Dubai provide education in English, with additional Arabic, Urdu, and Islamic studies. They aim to prepare students to become responsible citizens in the global community.

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