Monday, March 4, 2024

Light Show On Great Wall Of China To Celebrate 70th Anniversary Of Pak-China Relations

The Badaling Section of China’s famed Great Wall hosted an elegant and brilliant light performance to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Pakistan and China’s relations. The light show comprised numerous laser light formulas and slogans to honor Pakistan and China’s seven-decade-long iron brotherhood.

Massive section of the wall was illuminated in Pakistani and Chinese national colors. Ambassador Moin ul Haque said that the light show at the historic Great Wall of China highlighted Pakistan and China’s unbreakable friendship.

He lauded several generations of both countries’ contributions to strengthening bilateral friendship, adding that Pakistan and China were deepening bilateral cultural and people-to-people exchanges in order to pass on the best traditions of friendly ties to the masses of both nations.

He stated that in the 1980s, Pakistan made a modest contribution to the reconstruction of a part of the Great Wall as a sign of special goodwill to China. He went on to say, “A plaque has been placed there as a reminder of that tiny tribute of friendship that Pakistan gave to our Chinese brothers and sisters.”

The Pakistani Embassy in Beijing and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality collaborated on the event. The light show featured a variety of lights and phrases combinations to celebrate Pakistan and China’s friendly relations.

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