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List of Skills Shortage Jobs in Switzerland with Free SWISS Work Visa

In 2023, Switzerland remains a serene, breathtaking country known for its prosperity and commitment to enhancing the well-being and living standards of its residents. With a population of approximately 8.8 million people, the nation continues to witness a significant influx of labor migrants from neighboring countries, predominantly France, Italy, and Germany.

These individuals commute across the Swiss border on a daily basis to work in cities such as Zurich, Geneva, and others.

Switzerland remains an appealing destination for hundreds of thousands of foreigners from various parts of the world who aspire to establish businesses, pursue their professions, study, and reside in the country.

However, not everyone can fulfill their aspirations, as employment in Switzerland necessitates meeting specific conditions, including relevant experience and skill levels. Additionally, professions sought after in Switzerland must be in high demand within the local labor market. Let’s explore the occupations that are currently in demand in Switzerland in 2023.

List of Skill Shortage Jobs in Switzerland in 2023

According to a recent analysis conducted by the Adecco Group in collaboration with the University of Zurich and the Switzerland Job Market Monitor (SMM), Switzerland has experienced a growing shortage of skilled workers in certain occupations over the past two years.

As a result, the Swiss government has responded by easing immigration rules to enable companies and departments to recruit international skilled workers to fill these gaps in professions facing skill shortages in 2023. This move aims to address the challenges posed by the difficulty in finding qualified professionals for specific job roles in Switzerland.

Medical Staff

The global situation witnessed after 2020 has also impacted Switzerland, leading to an increased demand for healthcare professionals. Occupations such as nursing, pharmacists, surgeons, doctors, and anesthesiologists are now considered skill shortage occupations in Switzerland.

The recruitment of healthcare staff remains active, reflecting the ongoing need for qualified professionals in the healthcare sector. If you possess expertise in any of these professions, it is advisable to consider applying for healthcare sector jobs in Switzerland.

Construction Workers Jobs

Excitingly, construction-related occupations have also emerged as skill shortage job occupations in Switzerland for 2023. This development signals a favorable opportunity for skilled construction workers to find employment in the country.

In particular, the most sought-after construction jobs in Switzerland include civil engineers, architects, surveyors, draftsmen, structural engineers, and laborers. This increased demand reflects the need for qualified professionals in the construction sector, presenting promising prospects for individuals with expertise in these roles.

Software developers, IT professionals and Software Analysts Jobs

Great news for job seekers in the IT field! Switzerland is currently facing a shortage of skilled professionals in IT in 2023. They are actively hiring IT experts, software engineers, developers, and testing engineers. Experienced IT professionals can submit their resumes for these skill shortage positions in Switzerland. Fast-track Swiss work visas are being provided to qualified candidates. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

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