Thursday, June 1, 2023

Location Glitch, Pakistani Man Got Order by Using VPN, Later Find Out Customer Location Shows in UK

A Pakistani man recently experienced a location glitch while placing an order online. Using VPN, the man intended to access content or services restricted to certain regions but discovered that his customer location was incorrectly displayed as the United Kingdom. This incident has raised concerns about the potential disadvantages faced by unsuspecting individuals when utilizing VPNs.

The issue came to light when the man took to Facebook to share his unusual encounter. In his post, he expressed his frustration, highlighting the negative consequences that arose from the misplaced location information.

The man recounted a conversation with a customer regarding the installation of a windshield. After finalizing all the details, he requested the customer’s address for delivery purposes.

To the man’s surprise, the customer replied, suggesting that he simply share his live location instead. Taking the suggestion into consideration, the man agreed and asked the customer to send the live location via a messaging application. Assuming everything was in order, the man proceeded to prepare the windshield for delivery.

However, as the rider set off with the windshield, an unforeseen revelation occurred. Upon checking the live location, the man discovered that it indicated the United Kingdom, rather than the expected local address. This unexpected glitch left him in disbelief and disappointment.

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