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Main Causes Behind Late Speaking In Children

Many parents complain that their child started speaking very late, in many children the age of speaking is more than 3 years. In the latest research, experts have found the cause of late speaking in children.

It is generally seen that parents get tired of children’s stubbornness and temporarily give them mobile phones, but due to this practice, problems like late speech and irritability were seen in young children.

Researchers have warned that if young children use smartphones, tablets and similar screen devices from an early age, they will be able to speak later. One review found that if your child spends just 30 minutes in front of a screen, his Speech habits are not developed and he has difficulties in speaking.

In this regard, research was conducted in Ontario, Canada, which states that nowadays it has been seen that even young children have smartphones and tablets in their hands, on which they spend time sitting quietly, but when it is their turn to speak. If so, it is difficult to make them understand their meaning.

Mobile Or Delay Speaking

The report was presented at a meeting of pediatricians in San Francisco. It was said in the meeting that 900 children aged 6 months to 2 years were examined for the survey. Research has found that children who spend more time using handheld devices are more likely to have developmental delays than children who don’t use the devices as much. 28 minutes are spent holding the tablet.

This review is consistent with a recent survey conducted in the United States that suggested that children under 18 months of age should not be given screen devices of any kind. A Canadian study found that for every 30 minutes of screen time, the risk of speech delay increases by 49 percent.

The study, led by Pediatrics, found no effect of screen time on other communication skills such as gestures, body language or social factors. But its effects on speaking have been significant.

In this study, the American Academy of Pediatrics urges parents to keep children away from handheld devices, mobile phones, tablets or computers for children under 18 months of age, and instead advises parents to stay in direct contact with their young children. Communicate directly.

According to research, young children are so lost in the world of cartoons on the screen that they are not able to understand the relationship between the real world. They can also imitate what they see on the screen, but they understand the difference between the real world and the cartoon world too late.

Research has also shown that parents who are exposing their children to handheld devices along with educational activities, screen time does not help their children’s development.

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