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Maliha Farooq Ismail Becomes Pakistan ‘s 1st NMSBA CERTIFIED Neuromarketer

Maliha Fraooq Ismail  has achieved the prestigious NMSBA (Neuromarketing Science & Business Association) certification, signifying expertise in leveraging neuroscience to understand consumer behavior and optimize marketing strategies. This certification comes after months of dedicated learning making her the 1st in the country to be certfied under this Association.

Neuromarketing bridges the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind translating consumer behavior and actions directly linked to brain activity,” explains the newly certified Neuromarketer.

It  offers a revolutionary approach, replacing traditional guesswork with data-driven insights. By employing cutting-edge neuroscience tools, Maliha can answer critical questions that have long puzzled marketers:

  • Why do consumers buy what they buy?
  • How much are they truly willing to pay?
  • What makes certain brands resonate more deeply than others?

By unlocking the hidden desires that drive purchasing decisions, Maliha can now empower businesses to:

  • Craft targeted messaging that speaks directly to consumer motivations.
  • Design products and experiences that trigger positive emotional responses.
  • Optimize pricing strategies to maximize value perception.

Businesses seeking to crack the code of consumer behavior and unlock explosive growth can now benefit from Maliha’s  expertise. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and learn how neuromarketing can take your brand to the next level.

About Maliha Farooq

Maliha Farooq Ismail  is a certified Neuromarketer passionate about using neuroscience to revolutionize marketing strategies. She has over over 15 years of professional marketing experience with a focus on Digital Marketing and Corporate Affairs.

As a distinguished graduate of Warwick Business School and a Cornell University Alumni, Maliha’s exposure to international best practices and a leveraged network keeps her abreast of global initiatives and trends. She champions “smart communications” and excels in developing data-driven strategies that yield tangible results.

She is an author and a public speaker. Being a Certified Board Director, a part of the Advisory Council at Harvard Business Review her opinions have appeared in major marketing journals.

Her recent book on Digital Marketing featured on Amazon has made her one of the few Pakistani female authors to be featured on Amazon on the subject.

She is also a recipient of the Outstanding Leadership Award for her contributions to the field of Marketing and Advertising.

She also serves as a marketing consultant and a co-founder of Thinkers Digital; Pakistan’s first HX (human experience) agency, guiding brands to develop inhouse marketing techniques, understand the evolving marketing landscape, stay abreast with digital trends and reach targets.

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