Sunday, July 14, 2024

Man Fined Rs 900,000 for Taking “Too Many” Smoke Breaks at Work

After multiple warnings from the office administration, a 61-year-old Japanese man was fined over Rs 900,000 for taking too many smoke breaks at work.

The Mainichi reports that a Japanese man who took smoking breaks more than 4,500 times over the course of 14 years was fined over Rs 900,000.

Due to the smoking breaks, the employee will experience 10% salary reductions for more than six months.

The individual admitted to taking more than 3,400 unpermitted smoke breaks while at work, and the human resources division found a hidden supply of tobacco that belonged to him and two other workers at the company.

Soon after, the man’s supervisor warned him and the other employees against the dire consequences of smoking again in the office.

However, the warning did not stop the three people from discarding their smoking habits, the report said. Subsequently, the employees received a heavy fine.

As per law, Osaka has strict rules relating to smoking. It has been banned on government premises, such as offices and public schools, since 2008. In 2019, the ban was extended to smoking at work.

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