Thursday, April 18, 2024

Strength Redefined: Total PARCO’s Bangles of Strength Campaign Celebrates Women & Challenges Stereotypes

In many cultures, including Pakistan, bangles have long been associated with weakness, often symbolizing fragility and dependence. From childhood, we have heard that wearing bangles is a sign of “kamzori” (weakness), perpetuating the notion that women should be confined to domestic roles and lack the strength to venture beyond societal expectations.

It was high time that this outdated perception is challenged by movements and initiatives aimed at empowering women and redefining the symbolism of bangles. Total PARCO, a leading energy company in Pakistan, did just that. Their journey has not been one which began recently but one which has been empowering women in different roles over the past few years. This year, TPPL came forward with another powerful initiative to break stereotypes and celebrate the strength and resilience of women through their groundbreaking #BanglesOfStrength campaign.

In celebration of this campaign, we saw another first at Service Stations across Pakistan, where Total PARCO’s Jasmine Service Station was run entirely by women on International Women’s Day. Who could have imagined a sight like this? All it takes is a positive step by one to catalyze a transformation for many.

Total PARCO’s journey towards challenging stereotypes began with a decision unheard of, to introduce women at service stations—a realm traditionally dominated by men. In a society where gender roles are deeply ingrained, this move was revolutionary. Three years ago, Total PARCO shattered norms by becoming the first Oil Marketing Company (OMC) in Pakistan to onboard women at service stations. This pioneering step not only provided employment opportunities for women but also served as a powerful statement against gender-based discrimination.

Through their #BanglesOfStrength campaign, Total PARCO has transformed the perception of bangles from symbols of weakness to emblems of strength and resilience. This initiative celebrates the achievements of women who refuse to be confined by societal expectations, showcasing their capabilities and contributions in various spheres of life.

The campaign highlights the stories of women who have defied odds and overcome challenges to pursue their dreams. From service attendants at Total PARCO stations to female entrepreneurs mentored and empowered by the company, each story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of women in Pakistan.

Moreover, Total PARCO’s commitment to gender diversity and inclusion extends beyond their service stations. The company actively promotes equal opportunities for women in leadership roles and supports initiatives that empower women economically and socially. By partnering with organizations like Women’s Resource and Community Outreach Initiative (WRCI) and Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI), Total PARCO has provided mentorship, training, and support to female entrepreneurs, enabling them to thrive in male-dominated industries.

Furthermore, Total PARCO’s selection of brand ambassadors reflects their dedication to diversity and inclusion. Past ambassadors such as Ayesha Omer, Aiman Khan, and Noorena Shams, along with current ambassador Sana Khurshid, represent the diverse talents and achievements of Pakistani women.

Total PARCO’s #BanglesOfStrength campaign is not just about challenging stereotypes; it’s about rewriting the narrative and empowering women to embrace their strength and resilience. By celebrating the accomplishments of women and providing opportunities for their growth and advancement, Total PARCO is paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable society. As we continue to break barriers and foster positive change, let us join hands with Total PARCO in celebrating the strength and potential of every woman, one bangle at a time.

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