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Manora Beach to be opened for Karachi people shortly

The Government of Sindh will complete a walk along Karachi’s Manora Beach in the next six weeks to develop the island as a real leisurely beachside for the city’s population.

The newly appointed city manager, Barrister Murtaza Wahab, explained this when he visited Manora beach to see what was going on to construct a shoreline.

By the Karachi Development Authority, the province government developed the Manora Island Beach.

Wahab, who is also the law counsellor of Sindh, stated that shops are being constructed along the promenade to provide beach guests with refresher facilities.

He stated that due to the mountainous terrain of the neighbouring area an escalator will be installed to provide easy access to the Manora Beach.

He claimed a ramp is created to provide wheelchair access to the seaside by the otherwise qualified beach-goers.

Wahab, who is the provincial government spokesman as well, has remarked that people of diverse skills are a vital part of society, and they should also enjoy healthy recreational facilities because they and other sectors of society have their rights.

For the last seven or eight months, Karachi administrator declared the construction for building Manora beach was under way.

He remarked that developing the beach of Manora as a recreational place would be a gift to the residents of the city given by the provincial administration.

He claimed the leisure location would be officially opened very soon. He also toured the beach road Sandspit that increased access to the beach Manora.

The new road network, as well as the better peace and order situation will allow Karachi’s inhabitants to visit the city’s beaches without a problem, Wahab said.

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