Friday, May 24, 2024

McDonald’s Loaded Fries not Very Loaded, Food Lovers aren’t happy with it

McDonald’s being a Global Brand, failed this time to meet up the expectations of the Mcdonald’s fans! The new addition to menu of McDonald’s “Loaded Fries” gained negative feedback from consumers. The advertisement created a huge hype but unfortunately failed to please the customers with the quality been shown in ads. 

Loaded Fries are available in 6 flavors and seasoning as per the advertisement; however, reality has unveiled the true picture of fries in which only tomato sauce (ketchup) is added to plain fries’ food lovers shared their disappointment by posting the difference between the advertised image and what is being delivered. This item not only lack in quality but the quantity is also very low that does not truly justify the term ”LOADED” in fries.

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