Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Meet Usman Rafique: A 13-year old “Middle Class” Youtuber from Lahore

Usman Rafique, a 13-year-old Lahore YouTuber, vlogs his daily life as a “middle class” citizen of Pakistan in a world full of Instagram models and millionaire accounts, and the internet loves his wholesome content.

In February 2019, Rafique started his channel and has been regularly uploading videos ever since. He currently has approximately 54000 YouTube subscribers.

His main purpose was to build content that he wanted to see and connect to, but could not find enough online, launching his channel, so he took it on himself to record, edit and upload daily vlogs.

In the vlog, right from the moment he wakes up to his full day at school, he films his morning routine.

He starts the clip saying that people mocked him for “spending his day making vlogs,” so he wanted to show the world that he attends school daily.

The video features his friends and him, who talk about the positive things of going to a government school-low school fees, free books and “good food”. During their lunch break, they also take a trip to a vendor selling bread at the school and give a short review of the food.

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