Friday, March 1, 2024

Meet Zahra Bibi, The Only Female Butcher in Pakistan

Zahra Bibi is possibly Pakistan’s only female butcher who works at a hypermarket in Lahore. I am not certain that there is any other woman in Pakistan who works as a Butcher, dealing with customers first-hand.

Zahra had previously worked for about five years at an embroidery store, but because of a payment dispute, she left the job. Zahra said that she was told by one of her friends to apply for a position at Carrefour Hypermarket.

Zahra had no choice but to take the job because her dad and one of her brothers had died. She lives with her mother, her father and her sister-in-law in a rented home. She and her brother have to work on making both the ends meet.

Zahra said that my family is very proud of me as well and that they support me completely, that is why I have succeeded in life. My mother helps and prays for me a lot. Other relatives also pay a visit to the supermarket in particular to see me working and I feel very good.

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