Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Punjab House in Murree converted into Kohsar University

To build Kohsar University, the government-owned Punjab House in Murree was handed over to the Higher Education Department.

According to a notification issued by the Board of Revenue Punjab, the properties of 96-Kanal were transferred for a specific purpose in order to create a university. “The land will be used for a period of 03 years without which land would be returned to the Provincial Government,” read the notice.

PTI MNA Sadaqat Ali Abbasi said that the decision has been taken in light of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to use public buildings for common good. He said that on campus, which is run by the university’s Tourism Department, students will be offered tourism studies and other practical education.

He added that classrooms will be set up in one block of the property near the popular Pindi Point of Murree, while accommodation will be provided to tourists in the remaining blocks to build added accommodation.

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