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MEPCO Bill Online – How To Check and Pay MEPCO Bill in 2022

MEPCO buys all the organizations and power stations of the Multan Electricity Board. This organization covers much of the Southern Punjab region, and most of its parts contain rural inhabitants. Currently, MEPCO covers 13 distinct areas. over 35 million individuals in these locales use it.

On the off chance that you are a MEPCO client and searching for the MEPCO online bills 2022, you can essentially execute this interaction. Since saving power bills before due time could be an intricate errand. Nobody needs to stand and stand by in lengthy lines. Such circumstances bring only uneasiness that you don’t need.

With the MEPCO bill on the web, you can wipe out the entirety of your concerns and save much of your time and energy. You can get your MEPCO bill online through any gadget, i.e., PC or cell phone, inside a couple of moments and print it out.

Under MEPCO, five distinct organizations incorporate QESCO, PESCO, HESCO, LESCO, and FESCO. This organization has arrived at three different territories of Pakistan and is the leading electric supply organization.

Presently, it’s bold to take care of MEPCO Bill Payment 2022 online by sitting at home with a single tick. Because of the headway of innovation that made simple method for making our Bill paid in specific seconds or minutes on the schedule.

MEPCO bill permits you to pay from different strategies, for example, online instalment by utilizing a bank application through your portable or take care of your Bill by saving into your closest bank.

History Of Mepco

MEPCO was made on May fourteenth, 1988, attached by the limited public body. It operates under the Ministry of Energy and Power Division. Before the foundation of MEPCO, the power provider was Multan Area Electricity Board (MAEB), which has not proceeded with this stock, so MEPCO appeared. This organization got every one obligation, compulsions, resources, and privileges of the past organization.

Mepco Online Bill

Mepco Online Bill

Individuals can get mepco consumer bill online at whatever point and any place they need. Presently WPADA has presented the E-Bill framework and gateways where checking your MEPCO bill online has become one of the most precise methodologies that should be possible in no time. The sooner you get your Bill, the previous you will cover your bills with next to no late punishments.

Nothing could be preferable over getting and taking care of your power bills while remaining at home. You can take care of your bills all the more easily with the most current mechanical framework, rather than staying in a long line and sitting tight for your turn. You should enter the reference number, and the framework will consequently deal with your instalment.

The fifteenth of every month is the date to dispatch the power bill to every client’s enlisted address. Sadly, on the off chance that you don’t get your power charge, you can demand a duplicate of this Bill from the closest division office. Other than that, you can observe a copy of your MEPCO bill on the web and download it.

Getting MEPCO bills online is a straightforward and time-productive way for clients today. If you don’t restore your power bill and the due date is closed, you can visit the authority site of MEPCO and print out a duplicate of your Bill.

Mepco Online Bill Check

Mepco Online Bill Check

Users need to enter your reference number. When you enter your bill reference number, there is a copy of the Mepco bill. However, you want to write this number by remembering a few things:

• The reference number should not be longer than 14 digits.

• Every the digit ought to be entered without space.

• In the wake of entering your reference number, click on the submit button, and you will get your web-based power charge duplicate.

• You can download this copy by tapping on the ‘print’ button and taking this duplicate printout.

The Most Effective Method To Pay MEPCO Bill Online

The Most Effective Method To Pay MEPCO Bill Online

Today, innovation is venturing quickly, and everybody needs speedy assignments. Rather than going physically, everyone leans towards innovation. Advancement is running and overwhelming the entire world through which you can bother uninhibitedly cover your bills while sitting on your sofa through your gadgets in your grasp. Mepco online billing is easy.

You can take care of your bills online through MEPCO entries or significantly other portable financial applications to cover your MEPCO bills by following a few stages.

• You should introduce any versatile financial applications either in android or iOS portable and pursue it.

• Select your service bill.

• Enter the reference number

• Click on the ‘pay’ button.

• Your MEPCO bill has been paid online within a couple of seconds.

Different Online Payment Methods In Pakistan

Different Online Payment Methods In Pakistan

EasyPaisa steps to follow:

• Re-energize your EasyPaisa account the same way as Jazz cash.

• Tap on the ‘charge’ symbol.

• Select the supplier.

• Embed the reference number and different information.

• Click on the ‘pay’ button, and your MEPCO bill is there on schedule.


• Sign in to the application.

• Select the ‘Bill Payment’ choice.

• Select utility supplier.

• Fill in the data.

• Enter your pin and take care of your Bill.

HBL Mobile

• Login to the HBL application.

• Select the Bill.

• Pick a supplier.

• Enter the reference number and required data.

• Click on the compensation button and cover your Bill.

Mepco Online Bill Benefits

• Possibly, the major advantage of covering MEPCO bills online is saving your necessary time and energy.

• You don’t have to get out of your home, yet you can take care of your bills by remaining at home.

• Plus, you would get each notice of anything.

• You would be educated assuming the due date is close, or you will take care of your Bill late.

Mepco Online Bill Benefits

Mepco Bills Online And Applications


Mepco Bill Charges Notice Through Email

Mepco Bill Charges Notice Through Email

You can do this either through your messages or through SMS alarms. Getting notices about the MEPCO bills online is exceptionally helpful because it allows every client to be educated whether they have covered their bills on schedule or are confronting late bill instalments. You can get a warning in two ways:

1. Registration to get MEPCO bills through emails by entering your reference number in your email, and you would begin getting messages.

2. However, assuming that you scarcely open any email, you can likewise receive messages through SMS similarly. Rather than an email address, you want to embed your versatile number alongside your reference number.

How To Check Mepco Bill Without Reference Number

How To Check Mepco Bill Without Reference Number

A couple of basic techniques will assist you with checking the MEPCO bill without having ref #, and you can use them to get a copy duplicate of your Bill. This article clarifies every one of them, and you can use anybody that is simple for you.

Track Down Bill Via Account

This technique is troublesome and requires a few additional details. You ought to have a record with mepco duplicate bill. It is impossible for online enrollment, so you should ask the MEPCO organization to gain access to the form.

You ought to have a charging account number to gain admittance to your record details, and it will work 24 hours every day. Follow the means to check the Bill using the record.

• Visit the Mepco login region here.

• Enter email and secret phrase to sign in.

• From here, enter the client number and address

• Hit submit button to see your Bill.

Mepco Bill By SMS


Multan power organizations continue to improve their framework and better. They create various administrations, so the shopper doesn’t have any issues while getting the Bill.

So in this expansion, they fostered an SMS framework that assists the clients with getting their Bill regardless of whether they have the reference number.

Individuals must have an association or meter number alongside a meter checking date to use this SMS management. Follow the means to get the Bill.

• Open telephone message choice.

• Compose MEPB <space> STMT NO<space>Meter No<space>Date of Reading

• Send this SMS to 46040

Investigate the complete illustration of how the message will look after composing every subtlety.

MEPB 001 STMT NO 012 1234 Meter No 014 Date of Meter Reading on 46040

After sending the SMS, Soon you will get an answer with the affirmation of details:

MEPB 001 STMT NO 012 1234 Meter No 014 Date of Meter Reading on B/S PAID AMOUNT RS 2457/

Note: Standard SMS charges will apply to sending SMS, so say nothing negative about those charges to the MEPCO organization.


There are distinct advantages to covering your service bills on the web; it simply saves your time and saves you from bunches of misfortune it takes to take care of payment of bills automatically.

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