Saturday, July 13, 2024

Meta Now Offers Paid Verification Badge for Business Account

Meta is expanding its Meta Verified program to include businesses on Facebook and Instagram, with plans to extend it to WhatsApp in the future. This program offers a range of benefits for verified businesses, including enhanced account security features, troubleshooting assistance, and increased visibility in search results.

The Meta Verified program was initially launched for creators, and now it’s being extended to businesses. It provides a verification badge, similar to the blue checkmark, to signify authenticity. For businesses, the verification comes at a higher cost compared to creators, with pricing set at $22 per month for one platform or $35 for both Facebook and Instagram.

The program aims to provide businesses with a more secure and trustworthy online presence. Verified businesses will have access to priority customer support, protection against impersonation, and enhanced security features to safeguard their accounts. This will help build trust with customers and ensure a more reliable online shopping experience.

Additionally, verified businesses will enjoy increased visibility in search results on Facebook and Instagram. This means that when users search for specific products or services, verified businesses will have a higher chance of appearing at the top of the search results, leading to increased exposure and potential customer engagement.

Furthermore, businesses on WhatsApp will have the opportunity to create a discoverable landing page through web search. This will make it easier for customers to find and connect with businesses on the platform. Verified businesses will also be able to facilitate communication with customers through multiple employees, streamlining customer service and support.

Testing of the Meta Verified program for businesses on Facebook and Instagram is set to begin in the coming weeks, with WhatsApp following suit. This testing phase will allow Meta to gather feedback and make any necessary improvements before rolling out the program more widely.

Overall, the expansion of the Meta Verified program to include businesses is an exciting development. It provides businesses with valuable tools and features to enhance their online presence, increase security, and improve customer engagement. Stay tuned for updates as the testing phase progresses!

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