Monday, October 2, 2023

Microsoft Edge Labels Google Chrome as a Virus

Microsoft tried to make its own Edge browser more popular and discourage people from using other browsers like Google Chrome. But they ran into a problem: Microsoft Edge is wrongly calling Google Chrome a possibly harmful software.

This happened because Microsoft Edge thought that the installer for Google Chrome, called ChromeSetup.exe, might be risky. This mistake was seen in about 20% of the stable versions of Microsoft Edge 116.

Even though Edge has safety features to protect users from bad files, it mistakenly thought ChromeSetup.exe was a problem.

So, when people tried to get Google Chrome using Microsoft Edge, they might have seen a warning message saying “ChromeSetup.exe could be bad for your device. Do you still want to keep it?” People could choose to keep or delete the file they downloaded.

This might be a mistake in the software, but it’s interesting that it happened at a time when Microsoft’s own browser is competing with Google Chrome. Microsoft has been trying to make people use Edge more. When someone looks for Google Chrome, Microsoft tries to convince them to use Edge instead.

They show a message that says:”You don’t need to get a new web browser. Microsoft thinks you should use Microsoft Edge because it’s fast, safe, and modern. It can help you save time and money. Give it a try.”

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