Monday, September 25, 2023

Saudi Arabia Announces New Temporary Work Visa

In Saudi Arabia, while the country is rapidly growing, they have introduced a new kind of visa for temporary work. This visa is for people who are skilled and can work for a short time in the country.

This new visa makes it easier and faster for short-term workers to come to Saudi Arabia. Before this, there was a different visa, but it was mostly for specific jobs like engineering in the oil industry. This new visa is different. It opens the door for a wider group of people to come and work.

Before, work visas were mainly for men or older women, usually above 40 years old. But this new visa changes things. It makes the process of inviting workers simpler. This means more people, from different groups, can now consider working in Saudi Arabia.

Compared to the old visa, this new Temporary Work Visa is much simpler for foreigners to get. To get this visa, someone in Saudi Arabia needs to invite you. They will sponsor your visa. This can be a Saudi company or a Saudi entity, like a branch of a company. Individuals can’t apply for this visa by themselves.

The visa is usually valid for a year. During that year, you can enter Saudi Arabia multiple times for up to 90 days each time. This new visa is making it easier for people to come to Saudi Arabia for work, and it’s a change from how things were before.

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