Friday, June 14, 2024

Microsoft’s New Desperate Ad, Your System Needs ‘Repairing’ If You Don’t Use Bing

Microsoft is trying out a new way to show ads to Windows 11 users. The company’s PC Manager tool, which helps people manage their computer’s storage and performance, is now suggesting that users “fix” their systems by switching their default search engine back to Microsoft’s Bing. This is happening in a new “Repair Tips” section of the app.

This might seem strange, as using a different search engine like Google isn’t actually a problem that needs fixing. But Microsoft is implying that it is, and that switching to Bing will somehow “repair” your computer.

This new type of ad is currently showing up in the PC Manager app in certain regions, and it’s possible that it will be rolled out to other areas, including the United States.

Windows 11 users have already seen ads in other parts of the operating system, like the File Explorer, Settings app, and Start menu. Now, it seems like Microsoft is using the PC Manager tool as another way to promote its own products, like Bing.

Some people might find this annoying, as it feels like Microsoft is trying to push its own services on users. Others might not mind, as long as the ads aren’t too intrusive. Either way, it’s clear that Microsoft is looking for new ways to show ads to Windows users, and this is just the latest example.

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