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Ministry of Industries Requested for a Grant of Rs. 2 Billion against 2 Urea Plants

According to the latest report, the Ministry of Industries and Production has recently asks for a supplementary grand of Rs2 billion for the subsidy on its provision of gas as for the production of 0.7 million tons of the urea from 2 urea plants on the SNGPL system in Pakistan.

As per the official sources the meeting of Fertiliser Review Committee was held in February 2021 that was under the chairmanship of Hammad Azhar, the Minister of Industries and Production; however, in the meeting it was highlighted that the country will be experiencing a shortage of about 370,000MT in the upcoming months, as expected in the month of December.

As to highlight the issue regarding this shortage and also keeping the buffer stocks as above 200,000MT during 2021, two options were discussed in the meeting that depicts the significance of the import or production from the SNGPL based urea plants, as per the official documents.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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