Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Money Collected For Hajj Was Eaten By Termites

In Malaysia, a woman collected money for Hajj in a cardboard box for her whole life, but the
cardboard box along with the money got infected with termites.

The elderly lady found it easier to deposit the money she collected for Hajj at home instead of
keeping it in a bank, but she made the mistake of depositing the money in a cardboard box that
was eaten by termites. was equal to 8700 dollars.

After this incident, Khairul Azhar, the grandson of the woman, shared the pictures of the
damaged notes on social media and said that some of the notes were half-eaten, which he had
taken to the bank to get some money, but many of the notes were damaged. have been lost.

Khairul Azhar further said that her grandmother had planned to go on Hajj in 2024 for which she
had been saving money for years, which the termite cleared in a few days.

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