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MTMIS Sindh – Online Vehicle Registration and Verification System in Sindh

Vehicle tax is a tax that is collected on two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles that are designed for use on public highways or streets. Before operating a vehicle on the road, registration is required, and the fees charged may vary depending on the vehicle type and engine capacity available.

Following the purchase of a vehicle, the registration & vehicle tax are required to be paid. Registration is only required once, and car tax is required to be paid yearly.

The rate of vehicle taxation varies as well, depending on the engine capacity. The tax rate for engines with capacities up to 800 cc is Rs.1000. As the engine capacity increases, so does the tax rate, which rises in squad. For commercial vehicles, they calculated the tax rate based on the no of seats in the vehicle.

In this article, we are going to discuss Online Vehicle Registration and Verification System in Sindh.



The procedure for registering a vehicle varies from province to province in Pakistan. Each province has established its own set of taxes and procedures for the registration and renewal of motor vehicles.

In collaboration with the Federal Excise Department, the Motor Transport Information Management System (MTIMS) was created.

It is a technologically advanced and centralized car registration management system. This system provides a complete picture of the status of a vehicle’s registration, including all related information. Anyone looking to buy or sell cars can quickly verify the ownership of the vehicle by using MTMIS.


The Govt announces that the Excise and Taxation Department will provide ‘Sindh Vehicle Registration and Verification Online’ services through the use of the Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS).

It will allow the public to check registration details of any car by giving basic information like the vehicle’s registration plate or CNIC number.

When purchasing a car, the Online Vehicle Verification Sindh can be very beneficial in avoiding legal issues that may arise in the future. MTMIS Sindh could also be very helpful in protecting from any type of vehicle’s theft or fraud. MTMIS Sindh gives information on both cars and motorcycles.

online vehicle verifiction

Through the MTMIS Sindh Online Vehicle Verification, locals of the province can look up information on all registered cars in their area. This includes bikes, private and commercial cars, semi-trucks, buses, and tractors, etc.

This system is only available for Vehicle Registration in Karachi, as they registered only commercial vehicles in the other cities of the state.

MTMIS Sindh Vehicle Verification System

MTMIS has proven to be very useful and effective online vehicle verification system. Many people who have benefited from this online vehicle verification system have evidenced it.

MTMIS Sindh has received positive feedback, and the public has encouraged the government to continue to invest in and improve the system. Which provides a valuable service to the public.

MTMIS website

People can use the official site of the Sindh Excise & Taxation Dept (ENT) to find about a vehicle’s details or can download their application ‘INCPak’ App from the Google Play Store.

Through Excise and Taxation Department’s website or the ePayment GoS App, residents of Sindh can check the details of their cars or motorcycle (both commercial and private), as well as pay token tax.

The MTMIS Sindh online vehicle checking system is simple. All it required is that you enter the vehicle number in the proper format. The following information about the vehicle is currently available to the public.

  • Owner’s name.
  • Vehicle’s registration number.
  • Color.
  • engine number.
  • vehicle price
  • year of manufacture
  • most recent taxes paid or taxes due.

Sindh Vehicle Registration Smart Card

The Sindh Excise and Taxation Department has replaced old registration book with a ‘Smart Card,’ which is more convenient.

It is now possible to get essential information, such as the number of vehicles registered in your name just simply entering your CNIC.

Wrapping Up


As part of a vehicle’s sale, it is mandatory to transfer the vehicle’s ownership to the new owner’s name. However, most people skip this step while buying and selling vehicles. And it is a common business practice in the country.

The Government of Sindh has announced to collaborate with NADRA to introduce a Biometric based Verification and Transfer Process. And for this purpose, they have directed the Excise and Taxation Department to enforce the rules and ensure that they registered the vehicle in the owner’s name.

In order to have the vehicle transferred to the new owner’s name, the existing owners and sellers have to appear in person at the Excise and Taxation Office

This was all about MTMIS Sindh, Vehicle Registration Through SMS in Pakistan and mtmis Sindh online vehicle checking.

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