Monday, October 2, 2023

Muawin announces a first-of-its-kind B2B BNPL partnership with Retailo

Muawin, a leading digital lending entity offering quick, feasible, and affordable access to smart credit for SMEs across Pakistan, has announced a first of its kind business-to-business (B2B) buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) partnership with Retailo, the fastest growing B2B startup in the MENAP region which is digitizing retail supply chains in Pakistan. This partnership will allow Retailo’s 50,000+ retailers quick, easy and convenient access to credit through Muawin.

This strategic move is made possible through close integration between Muawin’s backend and Retailo’s customer application. Retailo’s customers can submit the KYC application, gain approval from Muawin and place an order for goods on credit, all through one single app. This seamless process greatly adds to the value proposition for retailers, as now they get access to both digitized credit and inventory supply. 

Speaking at the occasion, Muawin’s Co-founder, Moeed Qamar said, “We’re really excited to launch this partnership with Retailo. We hope this will catalyze increased access to Pakistani e-commerce outlets, along with easy access to credit.”

Both parties envision a long-term partnership that will help enable thousands of underserved retailers’ unique access to a platform that allows business growth at a higher pace than before.

Adding on, Retailo’s Co-founder, Wahaj Ahmed said, “Retailo’s mission is to use technology to improve the lives of underserved and empower 10 million retailers across MENAP. We have made deep inroads in digitizing supply chains and our partnership with Muawin will allow us to provide credit line to SME retailers which will increase their business and income.”

Muawin by Cashew Financial Services Limited is a licensed digital lending entity that grants small and medium enterprises (SMEs) B2B BNPL options at a fraction of time to help serve their vision by supporting the retail sector with BNPL options. Moreover, this alliance with Retailo will also permit ‘all-in-one’ bulk buying at a speed that is unmatched by traditional distributions.

Muawin and Retailo also intend to expand their partnership into further verticals, such as wholesale, in the future. In the initial phase, the collaboration will help serve retailers in Karachi at lightning speeds, but the two companies also intend to expand their operations across major cities of Pakistan very soon.

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