Thursday, September 21, 2023

Nadir Ali Apologizes for Asking Sunita Marshall About Converting from Christianity to Islam

During a recent podcast interview, YouTuber Nadir Ali received criticism for asking model and actor Sunita Marshall inappropriate questions about her faith. However, Nadir took to Instagram to publicly apologize and clarify his intentions, stating that he did not intend to offend anyone.

Nadir explained that his curiosity led him to inquire about the possibility of Sunita converting to Islam, but he emphasized that religion is a personal choice and he respects people of all beliefs. He also mentioned the desire among 1.9 billion Muslims to see individuals embrace Islam willingly.

In his Instagram post, Nadir expressed, “During the podcast with Sunita, I never meant to hurt her or anyone’s feelings. My intention was solely out of curiosity when I asked about her plans for converting to Islam! I have respect for people of all faiths, and religion is a personal choice. It is the wish of myself and 1.9 billion Muslims to see people embrace Islam willingly. If my words have unintentionally caused any hurt, I apologize.”

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