Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee Rates Today in Pakistan

Today, on 23rd June 2023, the official interbank exchange rate for 1 Saudi Riyal (SAR) to Pakistani Rupee (PKR) is 76.44 PKR, as declared by the State Bank of Pakistan. The buying and selling rates for Saudi Riyal to PKR differ in the interbank and open market rates. The interbank rate witnessed a decrease of 0.07 PKR.

Interbank SAR Rate

DateBuying RateSelling Rate
23-Jun-2376.29 PKR76.44 PKR

Open Market Rate

DateBuying RateSelling Rate
23-Jun-2376.00 PKR76.75 PKR

The weekly performance of SAR to PKR shows an increase in value, with the Pakistani Rupee up by 0.13 PKR. The highest conversion exchange rate from Saudi Riyal to PKR was 76.59 PKR, while the lowest was 76.44 PKR.

Over the past month, the SAR to PKR conversion rate has experienced fluctuations. The SAR to PKR fluctuated with a high value of 76.78 PKR and a low value of 76.03 PKR. The buying rate was 76.29 PKR and the selling rate was 76.44 PKR.

SAR to PKR Stats

MeasureLast 30 DaysLast 90 Days
High76.78 PKR78.1 PKR
Low76.03 PKR75.39 PKR
Average76.39 PKR76.08 PKR

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