Thursday, December 7, 2023

Naseem Shah Gets Dubai’s Golden Visa

Pakistani national team’s fast bowler, Naseem Shah, has recently been awarded a prestigious golden visa for Dubai, a recognition that has brought immense joy to the young cricketer. In an announcement made on social media, Naseem Shah expressed his deep gratitude and pride at receiving this significant honor, while also acknowledging Dubai as his second home.

The golden visa is a symbol of acknowledgment and appreciation extended by the UAE government to individuals who have contributed significantly to the country or have made it their second home. In Naseem Shah’s case, this recognition is a testament to his growing reputation and his bond with Dubai. It underscores the global appeal of cricket and the connections it forges, transcending borders.

It’s worth noting that Naseem Shah is presently sidelined from Pakistan’s national cricket team due to a shoulder surgery, a temporary setback in his promising career. This golden visa not only recognizes his cricketing achievements but also the strong ties he has developed with the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, other Pakistani cricketers, such as Shadab Khan and Iftikhar Ahmed, have also been honored with golden visas for Dubai, further emphasizing the importance of cricket as a bridge between nations and cultures.

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