Monday, March 4, 2024

Nestlé Pakistan Boosts Global Exports Presence to 18 Countries

Nestlé Pakistan recently announced it expanded its exports to 18 international markets last year.

Recognizing the importance of international trade in fostering economic development, creating employment opportunities, and promoting cross-cultural exchange, Nestlé has achieved a milestone by playing its role in enhancing total national exports of Pakistan.

Nestlé Pakistan’s exports business has been on an accelerated growth trajectory since 2020, however last year with consolidated efforts exponential growth in revenue was achieved through a combination of expansion to new markets as well as increase in revenue from existing strategic markets across continents.

Talking about Nestlé’s achievements, Foreign Minister of Pakistan Jalil Abbas Jilani said, “Nestlé Pakistan has been present in Pakistan for over three decades and is a household name here. Pakistan and Switzerland enjoy excellent bilateral relations anchored in mutual goodwill and beneficial economic relations. Pakistan is an attractive investment destination due to its business-friendly policies and I hope that other Swiss companies would also explore investment opportunities in Pakistan.”

Commerce Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz citing government’s efforts to boost exports said, “Commerce Ministry has been formulating strategies and policies to promote international trade and ensuring alignment with broader economic goals. Nestlé’s accomplishment marks a significant milestone for the packaged food sector.”

Jason Avanceña, Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé Pakistan said, “Having completed 35 years in Pakistan with a strong Swiss legacy of trust and quality, Nestlé Pakistan has successfully positioned itself as a global player in the food and beverage industry.”

“We have also contributed to local growth, as sourcing raw materials locally has stimulated the agricultural sector, benefiting farmers and suppliers across the country,” he added.

Nestlé offers over 2,000 brands globally, some of which are unique to some markets. Nestlé Pakistan is proud to bring some of the most iconic Pakistani brands in tea creaming, beverages and dairy culinary categories such as NESTLÉ EVERYDAY, NESTLÉ FRUITAVITALS, NESTLÉ MILKPAK CREAM and many more, that extend their liking beyond the country’s borders and find their home on shelves for consumers around the world, particularly the Pakistani diaspora.

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